How to complete your Tournament Verification

Filling Out the Tournament Player Verification Form

Before players are allowed to participate in the Little League Tournament each player must complete a Tournament Verification Form to verify the player's age and residence eligibility.

A step-by-step checklist follows to help put together the Tournament Player Verification form and accompanying documents.

Please note that this form only needs to be filled out, and the documents collected, just *once* in a player's Little League career (unless the player's residence changes). So, do it correctly the first time and you should never have to do it again as long as the player continues to play in Little League each year. If you believe CRLL should have a valid verification form on file then please inform your team official.

Before you start, you need to be aware of the following general information:

Age Verification - #6 / #7 of the checklist - all players must complete the age verification by providing a proof of age document. The ideal documents are the player's birth certificate or statement of live birth. The following are "NOT" acceptable - Health Card / Passports

Residency Verification (Proof of Address or School Enrolment) To be eligible players must either reside within CRLL boundaries, attend a School within CRLL boundaries, or have been granted a waiver. Players will fall into one of the following categories:

Player resides within the CRLL boundary and attends school within the CRLL Boundary - complete the school enrolment form and have it signed by a School official - #12 of the checklist.(proof of address, #9 of the checklist, is not required)

Player resides outside of the CRLL boundary but attends school within the CRLL Boundary - complete the school enrollment form and have it signed by a School official #10 of the checklist. (proof of address, #8 to 11 of the checklist, are not required).

Player resides within the CRLL boundary but attends school outside of the CRLL boundary - player must complete the proof of address requirments - #8 to 11 of the checklist

Player resides outside of CRLL boundary and attends school outside of CRLL boundary - player must be granted a waiver (contact a league official if you fall into this category)

- II(D) waiver " previous CRLL player grandfathered to CRLL"

- IV(H) waiver "children of long time, continuous, CRLL volunteers who have moved out of the league area

- a Charter Committee Waiver granted byLittle League International in exceptional circumstances.

Note - it is preferred if the verification form can be filled out and signed electronically and then forwarded to your team or league official to preserve the electronic signature capability for senior league officials. Additional documents should be scanned and forwarded by email.

Click here to download the CRLL Tournament Verification Form

Click here to download the Little League School Enrollment Form

Checklist: see image below

  1. Check Baseball.
  2. Date requested: The day you are filling out or handing in the form.
  3. League Name - Carleton Russell Little League
  4. League ID - 557-06-09
  5. Player Name
    • use full name as on birth certificate.
  6. Date of Birth
    • Use format MM/DD/YY. This is requested by LL Canada so as to match the Tournament Affidavit.
    • Attach photocopy of birth certificate (be sure to photocopy both sides of the birth certificate)
  7. Proof of Age
    • for Birth Certificate, check "Board of Health/Registrar of Vital Statistics".
    • If a birth certificate is not available contact team manager or association executive for alternatives
    • Attach photocopies of both sides of birth certificate
  8. Address -- Players current address - Types of "Proof of Address" documentation. Check three of them. (note Proof of Address #9 or School Enrolment #12 - not both - School Enrolment is preferred if applicable)
    • Attach photocopies of the three required documents (photocopy both sides of drives licenses and vehicle registration if used)
    • For the 2019 season, documents must have dates inside or overlapping the period Feb 1, 2018 to Jan 31, 2019. The closer to Jan 31, 2019, the better.
    • Please feel free to black out account numbers and dollar figures. Make sure each document shows names, addresses and dates.
  9. Group One: recommended - Driver's License or Car Insurance
  10. Group Two: recommended - Property Tax Statement, CRA Federal Tax Statement, City of Ottawa or Township/Municipality Water Account
  11. Group Three: recommended - Utility like Enbridge or Internet like Bell or Rogers
  12. School Enrollment - preferred over proof of address if applicable
  13. School Address - ensure school is within the CRLL boundaries
  14. Existing Waiver - only check this if you are directed by a league or team official
  15. Print your name, sign, and date


  • Birthdate should be in the form MM/DD/YYYY, not DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Passports are *not* considered a valid proof of birthdate.
  • Residency proofs must show dates that indicate they were in effect during some or all of the period from Feb 1 of the previous year to Jan 31 of this year. (Feb 1 2018 to Jan 31 2019)
  • No using more than one document in each Residency category. For example, you may use only one Utility bill. For example, you can use your electricity bill, or you can use your natural gas bill, but not both.
  • No "doubling up" on Residency proofs. For example, if you have both your home phone and your Internet with same company, you can use that company's bill as a Utility bill or as an Internet bill, but not both.