Welcome to our league

Welcome to CRLL

Carleton Russell Little League is a family affair that gives parents and children a common ground for spending time together. Whether you are coaching the players, helping set up the diamonds, counting pitches, or bringing drinks for the team after the game, your family will hopefully enjoy being a part of Carleton Russell Little League. Most of all, you will love the benefits of participating in your child's activities with Baseball.

Parents, particularily those joining Carleton Russell Little League for the first time, often have many questons and hopefully the information and links to numerous resources available on this page will help everyone feel at ease. If at any time you have concerns or questions beyond what is available on our website, never hesitate to reach out to your local association or league officials - our details are available on the CRLL Executive Page

Parents Are Important - Get Involved


If it weren't for parent volunteers, there would be no Carleton Russell Little League. The league has no paid staff, volunteer executive members work all year round to ensure that there will be a next season. Volunteers help coordinate equipment needs, help keep the diamonds in game shape, assist in coordinating the schedules, and the list goes on.

Team coaches and managers put inmany hours running practices, planning for games, and striving to give each of their players a positive experience.

In addition to all the time they give to baseball, our volunteers have jobs and family responsibilities just like you. They're not looking for thanks, but they are looking for help. So when you're called upon, please step up to the plate and give what time and energy you can.

More information on volunteering is available on our Volunteers Page

It Takes Something From Us All To Make The League Great!!!

CRLL Equipment Guide

Players must not wear watches, bracelets, rings, pins, and jewelry (metallic or non-metallic).

Jewelry that alerts medical personnel to a specific condition is permitted.

Team Jersey = Provided by CRLL or your local association. Team jerseys will be distributed to the team during the first practices. A deposit cheque may be necessary to ensure that jerseys are returned at the end of the season.

Team Hat =
Provided by CRLL or your local association. Team hats will be distributed to the team during the first practices. Players should mark their names in their hats to ensure they are not lost or misplaced. Players need their hat to play in the games. Team hats are kept by the players at the end of the season as a memento of their team.

Baseball Pants = Baseball pants are required for play at the Minor divisons and above. For T-Ball and Coach Pitch players, baseball pants are optional. Baseball pants are not provided by the league. Baseball pants come in three basic colors (grey, black, and white), your local association, or Aces coach for summer play, can provide guidance as to the required colour.

Belt = The baseball belts are optional and may only be required dependent upon the style of pants chosen. Belts are not provided by the league but if worn they should match with team colours.Your local association or Aces coach, for summer play, can provide guidance as the required colour.

Socks =
Baseball socks are optional and not provided by the league. Socks should match the uniform colour.

Shoes/Cleats = For T-Ball and Coach Pitch, cleats are optional as players should be able to play at this level with decent quality athletic shoes. For play at the Minor Division and above, baseball cleats are highly recommended and are an important baseball item you can buy your child. If you want your child to truly learn and enjoy any sport as well as avoid injury, you should purchase them appropriate shoes. Soccer cleats are acceptable but parents should note that soccer cleats are not the same as baseball cleats and as such are not designed for play on a baseball diamond.
For Minor and Major division play molded cleats are required - metal cleats are not permitted at Minor or Major divisions. Junor and Senior division play allow players to use metal cleats (spikes) - for these two divisions metal or molded cleats are both acceptable.

Batting Helmet = CRLL and out local associations no longer provides batting helmets for players. Some teams may have spare team helmets in their team equipment bags but these are not ideal. It is strongly recommended that each player purchased their own individual helmet for hygenic reasons. Please note that altering the helmet in any form, including painting or adding decals (by anyone other than the manufacturer or authorized dealer) may void the warranty. Face guards are permitted, provided they were fitted to the helmet by the manufacturer and contain all of the original fasteners. Please note the following: All helmets must bear a NOCSAE stamp; Helmets with a mirror-like / metallic finish are not allowed; and, chin straps are optional but if worn they must be done up.

BEWARE Helmet Attachments such as C-Flaps -- see our Helmet Attachment page for details

Athletic Supporters = All male players must wear an Athletic Supporter for their protection per Little League rules. It is highly recommended that all male players were an athletic cup. Please note it is mandetory for all male catchers to wear a cup with an athletic supporter. it is also strongly recommended that female players were an athletic "jill" for play, particularily for those playing as catchers.

Long Sleeve Under Jersey Shirt = Long sleeve shirts are optional and the parents choice. These will help keep the player warm for those cool/cold spring weather games. Please note that pitchers may not wear white long sleeves so it is recommended that under jersey shirts be non-white.

Equipment Bag = Baseball equipment bags are an optional item but are very nice to have and can often be found for very reasonable costs. The player can put all his baseball gear & water in the bag and hang it on the dugout fence. This item can be use for future seasons.

Batting Gloves = Batting gloves are optional and a personal preference of the player.

Glove = Baseball gloves are required and should be at both practices and games. Avoid buying an oversized glove. Beginners should stick to a smaller glove for additional control. It does take time to break in your new glove. No matter what you do, most will agree that the most effective way to break in a baseball glove is by using it. Most gloves have the pre-measured size stamped inside where the pocket is. Please note that pitchers' gloves shall be of one solid uniform color other than white or gray, or if multi-colored, white and light gray shall not be included in the colors so it is recommended not to purchase gloves that have white or gray colouring. Below are general sizes for rough guidelines, note each player is unique:

Tee-Ball 9-10
Infield 10 - 11.75
Pitcher 11.5 - 12.25
Outfield 11.5 - 12.25

Baseball Bat = CRLL and local associations provide a number of bats for each team. Personal bats are optional. However, it's nice to have your own as many players want to practice when away from the team. It is essential that you select a baseball bat that fits your player's unique body configuration and skill level, height, weight, and hitting strength. Your bat must also conform to the specifications as to what bats are approved by Little League for use in their various divisions. Please note that new bat rules came into effect at the begining of the 2018 Spring Season. More information is available on our Bat Rules Page. Please contact your coach or local association for additional guidance on bat purchases.

Baseballs = Baseballs are provided byCRLL. These balls shall weigh not less than five (5) nor more than five and one-fourth (5¼) ounces, and measure not less than nine (9) nor more than nine and one-fourth (9¼) inches in circumference for Majors division and lower. T-Ball and Coach Pitch use the softer reduced impact T-Ball version baseballs.