Embrun Minor Baseball Association

Embrun Minor Baseball Association

As we start our 2020 season planning please know that we are hoping to continue to improve both our website presence as well as our product on the diamond.

EMBA/ABME is always on the lookout for volunteers to help us succeed in offering a great baseball experience to our youth - please don't hesitate to get a hold of us if you are interested in Coaching, Umpiring or helping with our association administration. Positions available both within EMBA/ABME and CRLL are described below.

Details of the 2020 spring and summer seasons will be published soon...

A big thank you goes out to Go for their generosity as our 2019 season sponsor -

Steve Roberts

President EMBA/ABME

Volunteer Positions Available

EMBA/ABMEis currently searching for interested volunteers to help support our local Embrun youth in participating in our 2019 spring and summer seasons. CRLL is also looking for a number of key volunteers to assist in the overall coordination of the coming year.

EMBA/ABME Postions:

Assistant Convenors: EMBA/ABME is looking for Assitant Convenors to assist the President as well as the CRLL Schedulers in coordinating the various divisions of play. Reporting to the EMBA/ABME President, the Assistant Covenors will assist in coordinating Embrun's participation at each division within the greater CRLL baseball season. The following positions are open:

- Tee Ball and Coach Pitch Divisions Assistant Convenor

- Minor and Major Divisions Assistant Convenor

- Junior and Senior Divisions Assistant Convenor

Assistant Umpire In Chief/Coordinator: The Assistant UIC will be a senior umpire that will assist the CRLL UIC in coordinating the local Embrun Umpires and their participation over the spring and summer seasons. The Embrun Assistant UIC will also be a member of the Disciplinary Comittee.

Assistant Website Administrator: the Embrun Assistant Website Adminstrator will assist the President in posting Embrun related news to the CRLL website and Embrun pages as well as assisting the CRLL Website Admin with the overall presentation of the CRLL Website.

Treasurer: The EMBA/ABME Treasurer will be the keeper of the Association books and manager of the Association bank account. The Treasurer will need to keep a close eye on the Association Funds and be available to co-sign all banking transactions. The EMBA/ABME Treasurer will coordinate Association Financial reporting requirements with the CRLL Treasurer.

CRLL Positions

Volunteers are currently being sought for the following CRLL positions:

CRLL Scheduler: The Scheduler will assist the CRLL President and the local Associtions in preparing and publishing the Spring Season for the Tee Ball, Coach Ptich, Minor and Major Divisions. The Scheduler will also coordiante the scheduling of CRLL Junior and Senior teams in the City Interlock league. The Scheduler will manager the season schedule and adjust as required for changes to the schedule, informing coaches and officials of any short notice amendments in a timely fashion.

CRLL Umpire in Chief: The CRLL UIC will coordinate the registration, training, assigning, compensation, and monitoring of the CRLL Umpire Corps. The UIC will be a key member of the Disciplinary Comittee and will attend all Executive Board Meetings.

CRLL Registrar: The CRLL Registrar will oversee the online registration of members and pariticipants and coordinate with the Website Admin and Treasurer with respect to the finalisation of the registration process. The Registrar will be a key member of the team in developing the team rosters and assisting the Scheduler with the initial season plan.

CRLL Website Administrator and Information Officer: The CRLL Website Admin and Info Officer will oversee the development and maitenance of the CRLL website as well as keeping the league membership up to date with news, scores, and standings. The Website Admin will also be a key player in assisting the Associations and other League Officials in carrying out thier duties within the online league management system.